Tipping the scale at 255 (6'0), at over 40% body fat, I decided to make a drastic change. This blog is about that lifelong journey. Having lost over 80 pounds while gaining significant strength, Through this site I'll reveal my experiences both good and bad. I'm excited about helping others achieve long term and permanent results. Everyone is  unique and special and underneath has a ripped lean body. I hope to help you chisel away years of neglect to reveal the masterpiece within.



I was born and raised in a small town in north eastern Pennsylvania. From an early age I was always interested in art. I decided to attend art school in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA. Having graduated my career would take me all around the country working on feature films. I have lived in Detroit, Altanta, and Los Angeles.

If you have children then you have probably seen some of the movies I worked on. I spent most of my career working for Dreamworks Animation having worked on movies such as Madagascar, Bee Movie and Monsters vrs Aliens to name a few. A full credit list can be seen here.

I decided to use my job to see the world since then spending time in locations such as New Zealand and Australia working on such movies as Avatar, Harry Potter and Green Lantern. It was during this time while traveling I discovered The Art of Fit. 

Since then my life and health has changed for the better and I hope to help you achieve the same or even better!


I am currently based out of Los Angeles and Pennsylvania. I have a little dog named Sherman that I rescued 6 years ago in LA from Lange Foundation. I come from a single parent family and have a sister who has 2 little girls of her own and a dog named Emmy.