Q: What are your physical measurements?

I'm 35 yrs old and 6'0 tall. I started Round 1 of P90x at 215 lbs and 30% body fat wearing a size 42 pants. After Round 1 I weighed 172lbs at 12% body fat. By the end of my 2nd round I focused on body recomp instead of fat loss and gained 4lbs of muscle while losing 4% body fat. My Round 2 stats are 167lbs at 8% body fat.  At my heaviest just a few years ago I was 255lbs and over 40% body fat. I've come along way from those days.


Q: Where are you located?

My hometown is in Northeastern Pennsylvania and I split time between there and Los Angeles. Due to my job I'm traveling quite often to different cities especially overseas.


Q: Do you have any physical limitations or injuries?

Yes. I'm not what you would call a winner of the genetic lottery.  I have a few limitations and injuries, however I chose not to use any of them as excuses to not work out or to not give 100%. I have a torn right acl. I decided to not get surgery, instead trying to lose weight and strengthen the muscles around the knee to provide support.  Because of this my right knee is less stable,  I have to be more careful about doing certain exercises especially ones like Plyometrics. I never once skipped a Plyo session though due to this. I also have compression fractures in my spine as well as something called kyphosis which is a abnormal curvature of my spine. The bone structure of my chest on the right side also curves in ward and therefore leaves me with a weaker right pectoral. I have never been an competitive athlete nor is anyone in my family.  The point being, if I can do it, anyone can do it.


Q: How did you decide upon P90x to get where you are now?

Having accepted a new job where I would be traveling quite often and not have full access to a gym, I decided to try something portable like P90x. I wanted something I could do anywhere. I saw the info mercial on tv late one nite at home in PA and decided to buy it to take with me. I got P90x and P90x + but in the next year that I traveled I never used it once. I still wasn't convinced a at home DVD would work considering years of personal trainers and gyms didn't work for me.

After hearing an ad for a health age fitness test, I decided to see how bad I was in terms of health. The results came back shocking. I was the fitness age of someone 42  (7 yrs older then my age). It was then I decided to commit to p90x 100% and give it an honest try. How much of my life had been wasted by waiting. This was the wake up call I needed. My only regret was that I didn't try  it sooner.




Q: What is the P90X® program?

The P90X® is a 90 day fitness program designed to get you into the best condition possible within that time frame. It incorporates nutrition and exercise aspects specifically designed to constantly challenge your muscles in different ways, to avoid the "plateau effect." I've completed two rounds of the P90X and it has changed my life forever. You can learn more about the P90X® program HERE.


Q: What programs have you completed?

I have completed 2 rounds of  P90X and have experimented with Tony Horton's One on One and P90X+.


Q: Why does P90x work?

I think the main thing that separates P90x from other programs is that its a COMPLETE program. What I mean by that is that Beachbody has taken every excuse you can use away and leaves the results squarely in your hands. Its a set of workout dvds that has been proven to work, its a nutrition program, there are supplements, gear and free online support. Its like having a personal trainer 24hrs a day. Everything to help you succeed is there. All you have to do is decide and then commit.


Q: Which version of P90X® should I do, Classic, Lean or Doubles?

I did Classic both times, although my second time through I "tweaked" it a little in accordance with own preferences and goals. I'm not an advocate of Doubles for your first time through the program. I also believe strength training is essential to getting in the best shape possible which is why I prefer the Classic version.


Q: I am a woman and am concerned about getting too muscular with P90x.  Should I be worried?

No. Its incredibly hard to put on muscle. Men have much more hormonal support such as testosterone which enables them to put on muscle easier then women.  Women will tone up while men will bulk up. If you want to look good and feel good then don't be afraid. The best way to not lose muscle is to use it.


Q: How many reps should I do?

Depends on your goal. During my 1st round I did 12-16 reps due to the fact I only had one resistance band and wanted to focus on burning fat rather then building muscle.

During my 2nd round when I finally introduced weights, I went in the 6-12 rep range. I was interested in losing fat while gaining muscle and found this to be the ideal range to increase my strength while cutting.


Q: Should I take pictures of my progress?

Without a doubt! We can all agree my story wouldn't the same without those Day 1 photos, right?  Along with measurements its the best way to track your progress. There are times when the scale will lie and you will not see it move. You will think your not making progress when the opposite is true. If I didn't have progress pics I would have never believe the changes that were going on inside me. Highly recommended!

I took full body progress pics every 2 weeks and abs only progress pics every week. 

Q: Did you ever consider quitting?

I sure did . After the first workout I was afraid I wasn't able to handle it but decided to give it one more day. After the 2nd day I was still unsure but decided to at least try for one week to see if I had any noticeable results. After one week I lost 12lbs!  It was then I decided to give it a full 90 days.

However, during my second month the scale refused to move for a few weeks and I became discouraged. It was at this time I learn the value of having a coach who assured me I was making progress and to continue on and not give up. It was great advise and the week after when I took my updated 60 day progress pics, I saw noticeable results. I stuck with the full program for 90days and never gave up. It wasn't easy but well worth it.





Q: What equipment is necessary to complete the P90X®?

I did everything in a 9' x 14' room in my home. I used a Pull-up Bar, one resistance band and a yoga mat.

Personally, I think that is the minimum amount of equipment necessary. Much of what you will need is available in the P90X® Peak Results Package which includes the full P90X® program, the P90X® Pull-up Bar, Resistance bands (which can be substituted for dumbbells) and a month's supply of the Results and Recovery Formula.


Q: Which dumbbells do you use during your P90X® workouts?

During my 1st Round I used NO weights at all. I only used on resistance band the whole time. 

However I wanted to gains muscle and strength during my 2nd round while losing fat at the same time so I purchased the heaviest set of Bowflex Selectech weights I could find. It was a great decision. My only regret was that I didn't use them in my 1st round. However, what it did teach me was that if your on a strict financial budget you only need a workout program, pull up bar and one resistance band to get great results. No extra gear and no supplements.

Q: What equipment is helpful but not mandatory?

There is alot of equipment out there that I now use that is defiantly helpful but I wouldn't consider essential. I now use push up stands, vibram five finger shoes, and a heart rate moniter. Out of those I find the heart rate monitor most essential for tracking calories burned and maintaining adequate calories. It was thru the use of my HR monitor I was able to find my peak calorie deficit for fat loss without muscle loss. It also helped me stay out of starvation mode finding the bare minimum of calories. Its taken alot of guess work out of daily calorie goals and I recommend one.



Q: What diets did you do during P90x?

My diet evolved over the 90days. Each phase I changed diets as I learned more about food, nutrition and my bodies preferred nutrition.

During my first 30 days or phase 1 I followed the diet plan that came with the P90X program.

During my 2nd 30 days or phase 2 I switched to a diet called "The Cut Diet"  which has exact calories and meals listed for it. It was free, easy to setup and follow and it worked.

During my last 30 days or phase 3 is when I switched to my "LifeStyle Diet". This is when I noticed feeling much better overall, able to recover faster and the disappearing of numerous ailments I had for years.

Q: What foods do you eat?

The simplest answer is that I eat a whole-foods high-protein diet most of the days which include: meat, veggies, berries, cottage cheese, potatoes, yoghurt, etc.


Q: What diets have you tried?

Pretty much all of them except vegetarian. Keto, Velocity, Atkins, Low Carb, Low Fat, South Beach, Mediterreanan, Bodybuilding diets, Cut Diet, and Paleo.


Q: Which ones worked?

 All of them worked in the short term but only Paleo has worked long term.


Q: What is the " Lifestyle Diet "

Its the name I gave to my current diet which is personalized Paleo diet. Its no longer a special diet but has become my lifestyle. It works because I no longer go on and off it as a true diet. Finding the foods that work for my body has freed me from a constant barrage of conflicting diet and nutrition advise. I constantly remove and add foods to see how I look, feel and perform. Doing so has helped me find the foods that work for me. I encourage everyone to try this and find there own version of a diet that will become your lifestyle.

I feel that for most people,  food is an extremely personal thing and there is an art to finding out what works and what doesn't. If your tired of diet advise and asking can I eat this or that. Just do what I did and remove it for a adequate length of time and see how you look feel and perform without it and then reintroduce it to reacess. It was thru this process that after 35 years of failed diets found out that I had a moderate tolerance to gluten and lactose.

What works for one person might not work for another. I hope I can help you discover the art of it for you and discover a food palette that helps you drop the weight and maintain health and longevity.



Q: Why does this diet work?

Because its the most nutrient dense diet you will find.  If you want to eat without weighing or measuring food all the time, then this your diet. I am able to eat as much food as I want till I am satisfied and do not gain any weight. My body naturally and on its own regulates my bodyweight and body fat. Its been proven to heal the gut, reduce inflammation, reverse diabetes, and repair metabolic disfunctions.


Q: What symptoms did this diet resolve?

I had a wide range of health issues before switching diets. These are some of the ones it fixed for me. Acid reflux, mood swings,  migranes, sleep disorder, joint aches and pains, high blood pressure, IBS, afternoon energy crash,  mucus and respiratory problems,  and depression.


Q: What is the basic idea of this diet?

    Lean proteins, fruits, veggies and healthy fats.


Q: Where can I find out more about this diet?

I have a full section dedicated to it located here. I also have hundreds of links including recipes, books, pod casts and web pages to it here.


Q: Do you cheat?

Yes I do and am proud of it.  Food used to have control over me. I was never able to stop myself and would over indulge. Since changing diets, I can now cheat every once in a while and have developed control over food. I no longer am afraid of going to parties, eating out with friends, or having an occasional cheat meal. Having the ability to now stop myself and not be afraid of certain foods has given me such confidence, control and resolve. I highly recommend conquering your food phobias once you have reached a level your satisfied with in terms of health. It has been a tremendous achievement in terms of stressing over eating and food. I feel completely free from my addiction to food thanks to occasional but smart cheating.  I intend to write up a whole blog on cheating strategies that have worked for me for those interested on indulging on a certain food from time to time.


Q: How do you feel after a cheat meal?


Depends on what I'm eating. If its gluten or lactose I feel horrible. If its anything else I feel fine short term. If it stretches longer then a day I start to feel lethargic, tired, depressed and run down.

Q: What's the best and healthiest way to cheat?


Make the food yourself. If you love pizza or Mexican then instead of cheating out and having no control over the ingredients, make the food yourself and make a healthy version of that meal. I have a full page of links to such foods as pizza and Mexican if you wish to make your own.
I now make Mexican pizza myself and have no ill affects from it. I make it gluten free with high quality, organic ingredients and is much lower calorie then fast food equivalents.


Q: What are some of your cheat foods?

I have quite a list!

Mexican, pizza, popcorn, ice cream, pancakces, chocolate, wings, and chips to name a few. I have some photos of these in my gallery section which are home made healthier versions such as gluten free pizza and pancackes and spicy wings baked with coconut oil and dry herbs.


Q: Do you use artificial sweeteners?

Yes I do but not all of them. I only use 2 of them. Stevia and a stevia/ erythritol blend. Alot of supplements I take have them in as well so they become hard to avoid.

I have removed them completely from my diet for a few weeks and then reintroduced them. I found no affects one way or the other so feel fine using them in moderation.

Some people however, are very sensitive to them and would suggest you try removing them for yourself to see how you look feel and perform. I have heard some examples of people being unable to get ripped or cut until they have removed them 100%. So, I suggest you find what works for you. I have plenty of links on the topic if you are more interested.




Q: What supplements do you take?

Supplementation can be very important.   During my first round, due to my constant traveling, I used products that I purchased at local vitamin and supplement stores wherever I was.  During my second round, in order to recommend Beachbody® products in good conscious, I have used Shakeology®, the Results and Recovery Formula,  and the P90X® Whey protein. They are all quality products and can help get you to your goals faster. I'm currently experimenting with several supplements which can be found in my supplement articles. If your on a strict budget, you can get away with NO supplementation as long as you have proper sleep, recovery,  and are 100% strict on your nutriton.


Q: What is Shakeology®?

Shakeology® has really been a "homerun" for Beachbody® and is backed by numerous medical doctors and positive, medical reviews. Shakeology® is basically a meal replacement shake that has been described as "your healthiest meal of the day." To learn more about Shakeology and/or order, click HERE. If you select Home Direct, which is a recurring delivery and billing option, shipping charges are free!

Q: Do you have reviews of the supplements you have tried? 


Yes. I have a whole blog section dedicated to it. 



Q: How do I make you my coach?

If you haven't created a Beachbody® account yet, just click HERE and fill out a short form. It's FREE and once you do, I will immediately be assigned as your coach!


Q: What is the benefit of upgrading to the Club Membership?

You get a 10% discount on all Beachbody® products! Plus you get access to personalized meal plans, which for some can be very helpful. The Club Membership is $2.99 per week, billed quarterly at $38.87.



Q: I already have a coach, but would like to be coached by you. Can I do this?

If you already have a Beachbody® account, you were automatically assigned a coach upon creation of that account. It is relatively easy to request a switch, to do so just send an email to: coachrelations@teambeachbody.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and give them my name (Frank Sabia), my Coach ID No. (102059) and my screen name (TheArtofFit). Carbon copy (Cc) that email to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that I can follow up with Coach Relations.


Q: How do you benefit from being a coach?

I get this question a lot! Very simply put, I am an independent distributor of Beachbody® products. I receive no salary for being a coach and no bonuses based upon the total number of people I'm coaching. I am paid a commission based upon the sales that are generated from  Art of Once you decide to purchase a Beachbody® product through this site, you might notice that you are redirected, through my Beachbody® page, to the actual Beachbody® site, where the transaction is completed. So, it's basically the same as purchasing directly from Beachbody®, but I receive a commission because the purchase originated from me. At checkout, you'll notice at the very bottom it says "Beachbody Coach Reference: fsabe" – that's how I get paid!

Furthermore, I can also benefit by sponsoring other people who wish to become coaches themselves. This process can best be explained in personal emails, face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. For more information, here is a LINK (select "Coach"), but I would urge you to send me an email @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can discuss further.


Q: How much does it cost to become a Coach?

There is an initial charge of $39.95, for which you receive a "Get Started Right Guide" that includes two DVDs and print literature. After that, there is a $14.95 monthly fee that gives you a personalized page on Beachbody's website (mine is HERE) and a "Back Office" page which helps you track your sales, team sales, customers, commissions, as well as some training, sales tools, and much more.


Q: How much time do you have to commit to being a Beachbody® coach?

It's completely up to you! I would estimate that the vast majority of Independent Beachbody® coaches have other, full-time careers and use the coaching opportunity as supplemental income and an opportunity to help others get fit. Some coaches have become tremendously successful and made coaching their full-time job. For me its a hobby that has become a passion and I do it only part time.


Q: What are the benefits of becoming an Independent Beachbody® Coach?

The biggest benefit for me has become watching friends, family and coworkers transform there bodies and lives.  Helping them along the way has been a great inspiration for myself as well which keeps me motivated. From a financial perspective, it gives you an opportunity to make money assisting others! To me, assisting others achieve results like mine is personally very satisfying. Additionally, all Beachbody® coaches receive 25% discounts on their Beachbody® purchases – that can add up and save you money big time! You also are not responsible for shipping or maintaining an inventory.


Q: Do I need to have had a great "transformation" or be extremely knowledgeable about fitness or nutrition to become a coach?

Not at all! Obviously, if you've had a great "transformation," that can be used to your advantage, but many Beachbody® coaches are average people who just enjoy helping others get healthy and fit while earning a supplemental income. I didn't know a lot about nutrition when I started my first round of P90X®, but I really did a lot of homework as far as research, reading and experimenting with training and dieting techniques.


Q: Is there training involved in becoming a coach?

There is no specific training that you have to complete prior to becoming a coach. You will receive access to several portions of Beachbody's website available only to coaches, including the Coach's Forum and Message Board. Beachbody's training program is called "Game Plan" and it includes many tools, available at the site, to guide and assist you in getting started. You will receive a "Business Starter Kit" in the mail, and of course, as your sponsor, I will be readily available to you to provide direction, answers to your questions and advice along the way. My sponsors have been terrific and the support-system in place, nationwide, is a work of art.