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A differnt kind of team!

First off, let me thank you for taking a look at the Art of Fit. I'm so proud and excited to start helping others on there journey of self discovery, discovering the masterpiece that lies within. In order to do as much as I can to enable you to get the life and results you want, I'm going to explain the basis of the art of fit, how it started, and where it will go. 

I was recently forturnate enough to have my Transformation Story featured on Mark Sisson's web page called Mark's Daily Apple. For those of you who have done P90X, Mark Sisson was featured on all the dvd's for nutrition advise and tips.  The comments and feedback from that story have been so overwherlming that I have decided to try my best at helping others achieve the same level of success, if not BETTER!  It has been such an honor to help inspire so many people to improve there health and lives. If you havn't read it yet. Check it out HERE!

My favorite comment in the user posts come from this GRANDMA!


 I tried every supplement, personal trainer  and diet out there with little to no success. Well, finally after years of looking, I found it!

I hope to share my success and failures during my journey with you. The Art of Fit will break the mold on your normal fitness site. Alot of the typical advise you see out of the mainstream health and fitness media are filled with half truths and mis-information. I hope to help debunk some of those myths on the Art of Fit. I intend to constantly experiment and tinker with my own health and fitness in order to find what does and does not work.  I will take on these challenges so that it becomes easier for you to reach your own goals. 


Since my transformation, so many people have come up to me interesting questions.   Well I am excited to say over the past few months since completing my transformation, I have experimented with alot of these things. I plan to do a number of articles explaining all of them. The benefits, disadvantages, half truths and lies. 


Some of the articles that you can expect include:

What's the best way to incorporate "cheat meals" ?

Meal Frequency - Is it ok to skip a meal?

What are the best and cheapest ways to find healthy food?

Can I get in great shape without the use of supplements?

How is it your able to eat epic sized meals over 1,000 calories and stay lean?

With the help of the Art of Fit's new female contributer Lucy, we both will have a wide array of helpful information, news, tips, tricks and even some treats! Between Lucy an her life long fitness background, and me with my life changing sudden transformation, we will have both the male and female perspectives covered.

All I ask of you is this, I am here to serve, help and work for you. If there is something you want to understand better or learn more about. Drop me an email. I will take the most challenging questions or suggestions and try it for myself. 

I can't guarantee you won't have your own setbacks or struggles as you try to change and transform your life. But as I learned the past few months, if you treat each setback as lesson learned as to what doesn't work, then its easier to discover what does. Use it as a learning experience and don't be too hard on yourself about it. This is the best way to achieve long term results.  We are all human and all make mistakes. Just try to not repeat them!

 Just remember " If you never failed, then you never lived."

Within everyone lies the power to turn failure into success, lets start the journey together!