My LifeStyle Diet

Why do I call it this. Well most diets are temporary fad diets that don't work long term.  You do them for a few months and lose some weight. Then you go back to your normal lifestyle and the diet goes out the window and the pounds come right back. There is no perfect diet that works for everyone, but there is a perfect diet that works for you. The best to way to become excited about your diet is to be come involved in it. By empowering you to make your own food choices , together we can find the foods that express your genes the best. More then just looking good, you will feel great, avoid disease and finally have a healthy relationship with food. This type of diet can go by many names such as paleo, primal, gluten free, dairy free, whole unprocessed foods. Lets create a masterpiece of food and find your LifeStyle Diet.


As I have mentioned in my FAQ's, switching to a whole foods based diet and eliminating some problem foods have cleared up years of symptoms and disease. It will help you achieve life long weight control, control your appetite, burn fat, stabilize blood sugar levels and help you breakthrough fitness plateaus. Diet is the most important factor when it comes to health and body recomposition contributing as much as 80% of your results. You might spend an hour a day exercising but the rest of the time is spent eating. As the saying goes, " abs are made in the kitchen".


Basic Principals

This is a simple diet. Its made up of whole unprocessed foods as nature intended them to be. I have it broken down into sections for Protein, Fat and Carbs.  Each one will give you general recommendations. What I ask you to do is this. If you say..hey how do I know if I can eat this or that.  The best way to find out is remove that particular food item, then reintroduce it and see how you look, feel and perform. Do you feel better or worse when eating that food. Do you have more or less energy. Its upto you to find the foods that give you the best chance at changing your life and health forever. 



Ill go thru a list of know problem foods. This doesn't mean everyone has to throw out all these foods. It has taken me a while to figure out what foods I can and cannot eat. Ill share them with you but the art of it is upto you. 


Known problem foods will be those that cause some kind of gut irritation, inflammation or auto immune disease. These will cause a cascade of problems for your body that will inhibit you from digesting nutrients from other foods you eat and there by starving your body of proper nutrition. For each example Ill tell you how I felt with the food and without to give you a guideline to go by. Again this worked for me. I'm looking forward to seeing what works for you which I will feature in my nutrition articles section.




In my LifeStyle Diet sections, I will have related information and articles to the right. This ranges from specific links to articles, to live streaming photos of my meals, to recipes and food delivery services. It ranges from paleo to primal to gluten free and dairy free. If your looking for more information, please visit my Link Love section to see hundreds of links and pages to other diets, recipes and information. I also have listed information in the form of dvds and books if your interested in digging deeper.

And if that's not enough, Ill also include YouTube videos at the bottom of each page to give you hours of viewing to relevant topics for that page. For example below you will find a great video by Michael Pollan sharing his views on food and nutrition. Give a watch to his LifeStyle Diet.. Enjoy!



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