Hi everyone, my name is Frank Sabia Jr.  My story starts out like most in that for my whole entire life I have struggled with my weight. Growing up in a single parent household with my mom and sister, we struggled to make ends meet and food choices were based mainly off what we could afford cheaply. I ate well as a child and never developed weight issues until my late teens when my eating out paced my activity. From there it was a slow and steady increase in weight gain. Like a lot of you, I have a desk job and sit down all day long and sometimes my work requires me to put in long hours, sometimes sitting for upto 16 hrs a day for some projects. This only help to make my problems worse. My sedentary job along with my eating put me on a path to bad health and uncontrollable weight gain. My family history is not one of superior genetics either. No one in our family is an athlete and diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer all are common. 

I exploded to a whopping 255lbs and over 40% body fat with a waist at 44 inches. The shocking thing about this time In my life is that I still worked out 3x a week yet saw no results.
My diet was a SAD ( Standard American Diet ) one at that which was typically hi carb, low fat and moderate protein. I felt depressed and ashamed of how bad I allowed myself to become in terms of health. I had trouble breathing, bad joints, acid reflux, high blood pressure and was constantly tired just to name a few health issues. I was morbidly obese and knew I had to do something about it. 

I decided to try anything and everything I could no matter the cost and while I was able to achieve some success it never stuck. I tried every diet from Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, Low Carb and had short term success with all of them but nothing I could sustain long-term. I joined a gym and hired personal trainers spending thousands of dollars. I tried every fat burner and supplement I could get my hands on determined to change my life. However I had only modest success. I managed to lose then gain back weight Yo Yo Dieting my way down from 255 to 215 over 3 years! Yes that's right, it took me 3 yrs to drop 40lbs. I spent a fortune in the process but at least I was now only obese instead of morbidly so. I felt like I had accomplished all I could and that I would have to accept the fact that for the rest of my life I would be overweight no matter what. I was resolved to the fact that I probably just didn't have the genetics for it and was destined for a unhealthy out of shape life. 

I had been offered a new job that would require me to travel overseas. Knowing that I wouldn't have access to a gym or trainers any more and not wanting myself to go back to my old 250 plus morbidly obese Frank, I decided to look for something I could do fitness wise while traveling. One nite late at home in eastern Pennsylvania, I saw the famous P90x infomercial. I had seen it in passing before but now that I was looking for something portable, this seemed like it could be just what I need, so I hopped online and ordered P90x and P90x + to make sure I had enough DVD's to keep me busy for the next year while traveling. Well, even though I had good intentions, those dvds sat in my bag for the whole year never being used once. I was still skeptical it would work and never thought a at home dvd program could do any why bother right.

After procrastinating for over a year to try P90x I had all the motivation I needed after getting a physical fitness test. This test would compare my actual age to my fitness age. It tested my blood, along with my % of body fat, strength, flexibility and cardio. The results I got were shocking to say the least. Even at my lower weight of 215lbs I had the fitness age  of someone 7 yrs older!
This meant I was in my 40's in terms of health even though I was only in my 30s. This was quite the wake up call. I still wanted to have a family and kids but how was going to do that when I would have such a short life in terms of health. This was what made me decide to commit to P90x and give it a fair shot. I mean I had tried everything else and spent thousands. Any how much of my life had already been wasted by waiting. 

I was now on board 100% with P90x. I went thru all the information and went strait ahead with the program. I used there nutrition guide to start and chose the Classic version. I didn't have time for doubles and wanted to keep or build some muscle in the process and not just do cardio all the time. Since I was traveling alot I was limited in my gear and supplements. I could only get the chin up bar which I could take apart and travel with and ONE resistance band. I did get the strongest one since I could only have one. I wasn't sure what kinds of results I could get with such modest gear but figured I would at least lose some weight. If I could drop at least 15lbs then I would be under 200lbs for the first time in I don't know how long. P90x was a huge wake up call for me workout wise. During the first workout I wanted to give up. I don't mean to scare anyone away but I was so out of shape and pushed myself harder then I had ever been pushed before. And all this from one dvd of 60 mins. After the 2nd workout, I felt like this might be too hard for me and thought about quitting. But I decided to give it one week and see if I had any results.  Well, after one week I was so proud of myself for 2 reasons. One was not giving up and the other were my results. After just one week I managed to lose 12lbs! I was so shocked. 12lbs in one week. I would have been happy to lose 12lbs during the whole program. After such phenomenal success I decided to commit even more. It works!!

I continued on for the whole program only modifying my diet along the way. Each month the program changed in what Tony calls muscle confusion, and since I didn't have access to supplements or weights, I decided to dial in my diet even more to get better and better results. And boy did it work. At the end of my 1st round with P90x I lost 43lbs! 

With 3 months of P90x, a chin up bar and one resistance band I managed to lose more weight then the previous 4 years with thousands spent on trainers, gyms and supplements.  I was so shocked and proud. Not just by my results but by the fact I decided, committed, and finally succeeded. I didn't quit!  I had never accomplished so much in such little time in my life. I went back to get the same fitness age test that I had done before. Walking thru the door the guy who tested me before didn't even recognize me. He couldn't believe how much weight I lost in so little time and told me I probably lost mostly muscle and not fat. My results were shocking but in a good way this time. I had a new fitness age younger then my real age. I was now fitness wise in my late 20's!  I was able to subtract 14 yrs off my health age. And all the weight I lost was all fat.

My waist went from over 40 inches to 32 inches. I hadn't been that size since Jr High School. 43lbs lost, over 8 inches in my waist and I got 14yrs younger all in 90 days. My only regret is that I waited so long to finally try it. 

Having been traveling for work this whole time, many friends and family hadn't seen me during the whole time I did P90x. I had to meetup with all of them for a friends wedding and needless to say all were shocked to see me. All had the same question. What did you do. My answer one word...P90x. They had all heard of it before...and said wow it really works. Most thought it was some gimmick late nite infomercial. Not until they saw someone they knew who had done it and got results did they believe in it.  Some co workers didn't even recognize me. They did a double take and said Frank?  Some said I looked younger which was a nice side effect and proven one for sure. I even had my Chiropractor pull me into his private office to talk to me 30 mins about P90x saying he was interested in doing it but wasn't sure it would work for him till he saw me.  I became a instant inspiration to all my friends, family and co workers. Many are now starting and have been on P90x. All of them I'm proud to say are getting in great shape and losing weight and I'm helping all of them on there journey.


I don't plan on going back to my old out of shape unhealthy days. I want to build on this momentum. I just finshed up my 2nd Round of P90x but now modified for body recomposition rather that massive weight loss. It went great. Having gotten to a good point fitness wise I'm actually able to work out less and get amazing results. I'm trying to work out smarter not harder.  I'm doing about half as much time wise but am getting stronger, building muscle while losing fat at the same time.  I've had so many people tell me how seeing me motivated them that I decided to try to help out others that might be struggling I did. Im still helping friends with there diet, supplements and modifying P90x and other workout programs.

I'm here  6 months later with a 29 inch waist, abs and a health that I can be proud of. But the best thing about all of it is how I feel. I have never been healthier and happier then I am now. So hopefully my story can help inform, inspire and motivate others to change there lives for the better. I hope others can learn from my success and failures to get better results then me. But most of all I just hope in that whatever path you chose you are able to be healthy and happy. Its more important then before and after pics. Its about feeling good and becoming the best version of you that you ever thought was possible. Maybe I can help others become there own masterpice...there own work of art!

Being a coach has its rewards. Most importantly helping others save there lives, save there health and save there time. I'm hoping others can learn from my experience and find information on my site that might help them. I don't pretend to be an expert on anything other then my own health and fitness. I know what works and what doesn't for me. Maybe some of it can help you and I'm hoping it can whether it be directly from me or possibly from an article or link I  have on this site. I know what its like being poor and growing up with no money. Hopefully I can save you some money on trying different things that might not work and helping you get the most bang for your buck. Id like to be your coach and best part of it is that its FREE.