Being an artist, I have designed and built this site myself. I have done so hoping to make it as clean and easy to navigate as possible. I'm a big fan of clean elegant designs that make it easier to concentrate on the important information. I hope I have succeeded in making it as easy to read and find pertinent information as possible. If I haven't please drop me a line for ideas to improve it. I will try as hard as possible to minimize banners, side-bar and ads. 


To make things even easier, I will layout here general navigation tips for this site to make it as streamlined as possible for you.  Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your feedback.



This site has drop down menus at the top. All information can be found through these menus. 


MAIN:  This is the main area of navigation which includes the home page, contact information, about me, search function, and FAQs section. Most questions can be answered thru one of these options.


JOIN:  This area is for those interested in having me coach you for free on  


MEMBERS:  This area is for members only. To gain access to this area all you need to do is sign up for me as your coach which is free on   In this area you will have early bird access to information that will eventually go up on the rest of the site. All information will be free on this site. This area will have two sections available. One is for members of my team and the other is for coaches on my team. The coaching section will have more information for coaches specifically and articles you might be able to use for your own team.


ARTICLES:  This section will feature any blog articles which I will write. They will be divided into the following: My story, nutrition, exercise, inspire, supplements, women only, and success stories.


NUTRITION:  Because I believe nutrition to be one of the biggest factors in health and fitness, I have dedicated a whole section to it. Here you will find my personal diet which I call the " Lifestyle Diet ". You will also find sections for Protein, Carbs and Fats. I will have sidebar to other sites with articles related to nutrition along with photos of food I'm eating that day as well as links to a meal of the day which includes a recipe for it. There will also be play lists of videos related to creating your own healthy diet.


PROGRAMS:  Here you will find all the available workout programs available thru such as P90X. These are all referral links to beachbody. This is where you can find out more information about the products and Ill post some personal reviews of each one I have experience with. I encourage you to contact me if your curious about a specific one which I have yet to try. Hopefully, I can get it myself and try it for you if you so desire giving you feedback before you purchase.


GEAR:  This is all the relevant gear that is offered by for there programs. I have alot of it myself and its all top quality. It ranges from pullup bar, to resistance bands, to yoga mats.


SUPPLEMENTS: Here is where you will find all supplements that will help speed along your results with any program you chose. It ranges from Shakeology which I use myself to vitamins, and protein powders. Its all top quality products which I and my friends use. 


RESOURCES: In this section you will find resources for information and learning about health and nutrition. This sections includes books, dvds, and misc. I have most of the books on here and have seen all the dvds and are all highly recommended. If your looking for a cheaper option. Most dvds are available on netflix for rental.


LINK LOVE: This is one of my favorite sections and one myself visit daily. This is where I will store all links to other sites that I find helpful. There is a huge range of links which include:  nutrition, diet,  exercise, women and moms, fun, recipes, food, cooking, paleo, gluten free,  podcasts, and social media like facebook. You can find heaps of relevant sites and blogs here all of which I visit daily. 


GALLERY: A section I like to look back on. Its a collection of my photos past and present. It shows what my life was like before P90x and after P90x. I also have photos of my food journal and of my progress during my transformation. I also plan on putting pictures of other peoples transformations on my team. Who will be the first?