FULL P90X Round 1 Diary

Here is my full personal diary from Round 1 of P90x. This was a weekly diary that I was writing to myself to track my frame of mind, diet, supplements and workouts. I intended to use it as a guide going forward to figure out my success but more importantly my errors. I used my first round of P90x as a self experiment to figure out what would or wouldn't work. You get to see my raw emotions as I went thru this 90 day transformation. Please use this as a guide for your own journey. Learn from my experience and use it to get better results!!

P90X Round 1 Classic

Day Before P90x

  • my expectations are low going in. If I lose 10lbs it will be a success, but not counting on much.
  • took before photos and they look horrid...will I have to post these?
  • did not do the pre p90x fitness test as I would probably fail and it would give me a reason to not start.
  • started eating clean today to get into the frame of mind of dieting again.
  • have access to limited supplements as I will be traveling overseas quite a bit for work.
  • my workout equipment is only pull up bar and one set of resistance bands due to traveling.
  • took a fitness/health age test and results were humbling -- I have the fitness health of a 44 yr old and very high blood pressure ( medication level high blood pressure ).

Phase 1 P90X Classic

Week1 :

First workout was chest and back and almost threw up. Was OK on pushups but cant do one unassisted pullup.
Second workout is Plyo and again almost threw up. So much jumping. Contemplating quitting already. Seems too hard for my current physical condition. Will give it at least a week and see if there are any results.
Ab ripper is insane...only able to do half the reps....hip flexors are cramping.
rest of the week workouts are ok....after the first 2 days....Yoga is so looong. Did stretch X on Saturday and Kenpo is favorite
I do a epsom salt bath and got a massage on Saturday....I'm so sore from the workouts and my right acl-less knee is pretty swollen.

Im going with 2400 Calories to start. I have no clue what my calories should be. Will need to find a good formula. I will follow the default diet plan in the information pack that comes with P90x...check Livestrong.com for food logs.
Cut out all added salt. Started to reduce diet soda addiction. Cutting down to 600ml bottle from the normal 1.5L

Going to go stimulant free and see how it goes. Only protein, fish oil, and multivitamin. Would like to try some recovery formula or protein formula ( Shakeology? ), however traveling overseas I will need to make due with what I can get at local shops. ** not allowed to import or bring in supplements **

Results: Shocking!! Look at the photos. Lost 11-12lbs plus 1.5 inches off waist in one week alone!! Assuming some of it is water weight due to cutting out all sodium.


Again...first 2 of the week kick my behind, but not in throw up mode. But its rough. rest of the week workouts go well...still really struggling with ab ripperX....still doing only around 50% of reps
Take off Saturday...no stretch

Still 100% clean....refer to livestrong....adding in Grapefruits. Diet soda down to 450 ml bottle and still eating at 2400 calories with default P90x ratios ( 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fats )

Same as week1 ...nothing new

Results: Scale doesn't change much as much as week 1...lose less then inch off waist....thinking of going lower calories...now added a Beachbody Coach to help me out…wanted to make sure I am not making mistakes and need some accountability and some motivation!!


Starting to get a hold of the workouts now. Finally able to do ab ripper at 80%...and Can do 3-4 unassisted pull ups. Rest of the pull ups are 2 feet on chair assisted though. I am forcing myself to get 12 reps no matter how much assistance I need! Hit it really hard this week since its last muscle building week before recovery week. Take off saturday no stretch

Still 100% clean....still eating grapefruits...with pineapple and banana mixed in...refer to livestrong. Cutting down on milk and dairy. Diet soda down to 200 ml cans...added Salmon back in.
Cut calories to 1900 ish

Same as week before but adding in carb shake pre and post-workouts...check livestrong for dosing. Using Superpump to fuel strength days.

Results: Still losing weight but slowly. Less then inch off waist but there is still progress.


YAY!....recovery week... FINALLY!!. Decide to add in CardioX for stretch/yoga days and take off Saturday again. no nothing! Easy week as its mainly cardio. However CoreX kicks my butt!!...but at least its not Ab Ripper!!

Decide to tweak a bit. Im more flexible about calories...1800-2000 depending on how I feel. Cut out salmon...apples replace grapefruit....too hard to resolve calories of it and the salmon...do i weigh before or after cook...as it shrinks allot after cooking. Swap in tuna instead into salads. Decide at end of week to incorporate more Cut Diet philosophies and will do a carb re-feed on Sat nite as last meal in prep for a new strength training week ahead. I also have my first real cheat meal for my birthday on Friday nite. I eat super strict all day keeping calories in check in preparation for it. Had 6.5 oz filet with salad, 2 pieces of garlic bread and some potato chunks. Drink half a glass of red wine. Calories on best guess still in line with my 2000 range...check livestrong...was a fun friday!!. Saturday with my carb re-feed I go over 2000 and with no working out I spike my calories here for the week. I feel like its good to do since I've been much lower and stricter with diet now. Ill see how results pay off. Eat a crazy carb late nite dinner sat nite.
Big bowl of broccoli, then oatmeal then raspberries then almonds then sweet potato then peanut butter. Fat and carbs ONLY and with little to no water...then strait to bed!! Epic 2 days of eating...ill see how it affect results ...down to 200ml diet soda every other day now.


Hitting them hard this week. Started a stack of Lean Xtreme plus Recreate. 2 of both in AM ....One Recreate in afternoon with 2 LeanXtreme's. Adding LCarn plus CLA. Trying Orange Triad plus Orange Omega's. Recreate is a stimulant fat burner and Lean Xtreme is a NON stimulant fat burner / cortisol blocker.

Phase 1 over...results for the month. Lost 16 -17 lbs and 4 inches off waist . This week alone I lost about an inch off the waist with the scale not moving as much as before. Fat burners plus calorie tweaks pay off as I lost more stomach fat like week 1.

Phase 2 P90X Classic

Week 5:

New set of workouts...sun is chest, upper body hard. Struggle hardcore on all the pushups. I like this one better since no back and since im not repeating any exercises. More into this one but harder for sure on chest!! Exhausted but not in throw up mode. Decide to go for a light swim after Sundays workout to stay flexible and reduce soreness ...do chest...drink shake ....then hit steam room for 10 mins. Still contemplating added the Bowflex Selectech weights...been doing everything with bands no weights. Better results with actual weights??

Will keep calories to around 1800-2000 depending on how i feel....I burned a ALOT on sunday with chest/upper body....hard to even get all the calories in...major deficit after my 2 day change up...not even that hungry....forcing myself sun nite into eating calories to not go too low....Maybe I should use shakes more when I am not hungry but I know I need the appropriate calories. Decide to go more into Cut Diet philosophy....eating more almonds with meals and pb as fat...along with raisins...trying to have salad before main food to slow insulin spike down....and stay alkaline.... Seems to be swapping into more 30% fat and 20% carbs maybe except for strength days due to shake. Eating more raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Low cal high fiber...and recommended on cut diet plan... Almost bonk'd on monday Plyo....calories and carbs low....needed Superpump to get thru plyo.
Will add in calories on tuesday for strength day. Did another carb load on saturday nite after going lower carb towards end of the week.

Continue as week4 with stims...running low on leanxtreme and recreate now...considering swapping in OEP (OxyElite Pro) for Recreate as per Beachbody Coach recommendation....started using it with a partial bottle. Might taper off the recreate at weeks end when i run out and then run into OEP with a day or 2 break with no stims. Up to 5 Lean Xtremes a day ..2 am 2pm and 1 with workouts. Still using creatine and shake post workouts. Ran out of Recreate mid week.... tapered off to 2 pills a day then none last 2 days. Only using leanXtreme at weeks end. Lean Xtreme is a non stim so I prefer this.

First time I'm noticing getting ripped...starting to see veins pop on arms and forearms...stomach smaller but can still grab a hand of fat on gut...go away!! Most fat still on front stomach, love handles and lower back. Ugh!!
Disappointed....did lose .5 inch on waist ...but scale barely moving. With diet change and keeping track of calories..figured I would be down on scale more but not yet....maybe I'm not counting calories well enough.??

Week 6

Really bummed out due to results ....hard to do sunday workout. Got up 7am to watch football and pretty tired...but still did chest and abs. Chest stronger...handled workout better...chest reps up...everything else stayed same due to bands. Skipped steam after chest....worked out late...9pm...maybe burning too many calories. Have a mini cheat day today due to what I think should be better results. Coach help!! Good thing I don't have junk-food in the house because I might have broken down and eaten it today!! My cheat consists of corn rice cakes and some diet soda. Not a bad cheat I guess but still a bit disappointed in myself. Coach says its OK and to not let this derail my good progress. Thanks coach!!

Will try to be more strict with sauces...not sure of calorie content. Will try to stick to under 1900 calories due to probable error in calories. Will try to stick to 400-450 3 meals plus 3 snacks or shakes at 200-250 calories. Will try to reduce Crystal light to meals only...rest of day is water or lemon water. Eating in around 1800-2000 calories depending how I feel. Pretty reduced in foods now to chicken breasts, turkey, canned salmon and egg/egg whites. Carbs are oatmeal, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, greens and an occasional bread from subway sub. Fat is only in meats and added with pb and almonds. Started having heavier carbs pre strength days and earlier carbs on cardio days. For example....before workout days about 60-90mins before Ill have subway sub with the bread. Seems OK in terms of fuel. Sweet potato might be better. By weeks end almost no crystal light....all water.
Did another small cheat day on Saturday nite. Had filet mignon, salad, potatoes and vegetables. NO BREAD and ONE full glass of cab sav. Tried to eat maintenance calories for the day at around 2400. Weird ratios for the day about 30/30/30 but still in calorie goal. Dinner was about 1,000 calories if I guessed right mainly coming from 350gram steak.

Finally OEP is come in...will start with 1 pill am and 1 pm and asses tolerance. Started on monday...NOT sunday. Sill using LeanXtreme. Will look for meal replacement shake for breakfast instead of pure protein. Ran out of Lean Xtreme this week by mid week....only on OEP now.
Still stayed on 1x1 OEP thru week. Saturday only exception.


Pretty good this week....starting to see alot more cuts by tuesday ish....same time I cut back Crystal Light and started OEP and added water and am more diligent in calories...not sure what the fix was...but I did those 3 things better. Strength going up on workouts....veins starting to come thru more. Lost almost another inch on waist Scale still slow to move....but feel way more confident that I'm changing. Scaled hasn't moved alot since week 2 but am losing inches off waist and look more cut. Coach agrees and says I am correct in what I am doing. Good thing I have someone to look at my progress photos and give me honest opinion! Hard for me to tell I am changing since I see myself everyday in the mirror!! Don't believe the scale!!

Week 7


Had OK workout on Sunday nite...maybe bit fatigued . Will try to not do anything till AFTER chest on sundays and see if that helps. Tried Plasmajet for first time in ages. GREAT PUMP!!....will use from now on during strength days. Was awesome to see all my muscles pumped and showing thru fat. Chest felt great even though reps didn't go up....form and pace was better. Burned ton of calories on sunday with chest. A bit of a bonk on Plyo on tuesday...probably due to all the calories burned from sunday carrying over and the fact I didnt UP calories on monday to compensate....will see how my body handles during the week. Tuesday feel good even day after plyo...so couldn't have been that bad.

Getting stricter by the day...aiming for 1800 ish for this week which is last weight/muscle week before last recovery week of phase2. Made turkey for lunch for the week. Measured out 6oz of turkey for each day in salads plus will have blue/red/and raspberries as carbs everyday for lunch or snack. Continue to plan my subway day pre work out meal for weight days to see how that works......I love carbs. Read good article how calories are calories and as long as protein is set to goal...for me is 225-250 grams...the ratio of carbs to fat doesn't matter as long as falls into calorie limit for day. Fat is more satisfying some days...carbs others depending what it is...even so....im still good at hitting 30% carbs to 20% fat. Having only 6-8 almonds now with meals instead of old 12 and reducing PB as well to hit 20% only or around 50 grams or lower of fat. Carbs are around 125-140 ish range. Thinking upping carbs might help with energy and workouts instead of the higher fat. Felt good for rest of week at around 1800-1900 cals. Tried carb timing better.....cardio days having carbs earlier in day and tapering off....and on strength days saving my carbs for 2 meals right before workouts....lunch and afternoon snack. This worked great....on strength days I had good energy from carbs to carry me thru. Alternating days with blueberries, raspberries and half a grapefruit for carbs. Started adding in brown rice on strength days instead of bread from subway. Measuring out meat for the week in 6 oz portions for lunch. Turkey last week...chicken will be next. I continue to restrict my Crystal Light to one glass at dinner. Rest of day is plain water.

Still only on 1x1 OEP. Will switch to 2x1 next week in cardio/recovery week to see how that goes. Still out of LeanXtreme...Still using AM shake. Added in PlasmaJet on strength days and love the feel of it...will stick with it. Everything else the same.... post recovery drink working well....tons of protein with a bit of carbs and fat.....OH YEAH...added Coconut Juice to strength workouts to give me energy thru workout....tried on sunday and worked well..didn't bonk. Drink half during and then rest after before shake. Not too bad on calories either...its even listed on LiveStrong. Nothing new except for PlasmaJet and Coconut juice....both are awesome and will be staple for lifting for pump and recovery.

Lost another .5 inch on waist on white measure tape. Lost alot of weight on scale for first time in weeks. Didn't do a saturday high calorie day. Did NOthing...just hot tub, 10 easy pool laps to loosen up and steam and cold dip for about 30 mins to relax and loosen muscles. Hit calorie goal on saturday 2000...but no deficit apart from that. First time in weeks I didn't do a high calorie saturday. Veins starting to pop on forearms when not pumped or flexed. Really come out when a pump on...as well as veins on chest,shoulders and legs.....starting to see side of abs too...oblique muscle cut down my whole abs. Probably getting closer to 10% bf now. Got 5 weeks left of P90x. I can't believe this actually is working!

Week 8 ( Recovery Phase ) end of Phase 2

Recovery week...so pretty light on workouts...like the first recovery week. I will supplement Cardio X for any yoga or stretch days except on Wed which I am taking off completely. Core is still tough man....but way better then the first time. I can do almost all the pushups and rest of the core stuff. Did 1hr massage followed by steam and cold.

So far diet is going great...I cut out sauces and ice tea. Made a dry seasoning from online that is way to spicy...ill have to ease up on the super hot spice..... I'm still having blueberries and raspberries but now am adding in brown rice for the meal before my workouts instead of a 2nd fruit. Also cut out breakfast shake and now just have oatmeal at work instead. Doing that to have empty stomach for thermos in AM....and to not waste my carbs early in day with shake/oatmeal/lunch....I time carbs to be heaviest meal before workout and so far thats going great. Been not that hungry after workouts in PM...on wednesday....I only had 2 shakes for dinner and before bed to get all my protein...didn't feel like eating food. Mostly eating chicken and salmon this week. Was jonesing for beef so got me some lean beef schnitzel and cooked that up like steak with ketchup...yuuum!! Fats are still almonds mainly with coconut oil in oatmeal and occasional PB. Staying consistent on calories...at around 1800-1900 ish range...with protein at least at 225 with carbs at 150 or less and fat at 50 or less...working well so far. Getting sick of white meat though....really need to find lean meat with labels here!! Haven't been doing any carb up or down days or calorie up or down days....I usually eat all my fat and carbs by workout time and rest of nite is only protein. No added carbs in drinks at all.

Nothing to drastic other then using LeanXtreme again 5 pills a day ..2/2/1.....and started full dosing OEP with 2 am on empty stomach ( first time i went to 2 in am)..... ..waiting hour to eat at work...then one other pill in afternoon at 430/5 ish....popped extra pill on wednesday since no workout. Everything else same...just shakes when I need to get in protein at end of day...and if I'm low on carbs I have shake after workout since it has carbs in it....working well...running out of LGlut but wont get more...getting enough aminos from food/xtend/shakes...think its overkill with extra glut. No Plasma or Jack3d this week since its recovery. Didn't feel like working out on tuesday...was bored with Kenpo but did it and burned 600 calories any ways : )

Starting to see major changes on scale for first time....weighing myself 2x a day to see changes up and down. Llosing inches and getting more cut.... Hard to see much difference in waist or with cuts...but still seeing veins in arms come out and I feel pretty good so far.

Phase 3 P90x Classic

Last phase. Will try to hit the strength days hard as its last month. Will continue plasma jet on mon/wed workouts and skip it on leg day. Chest was super sore after going back to original chest routine from first month. Was SUPER pumped from workout and plasmajet....did my 60 day photos after this workout...looked great in photos. Rest of week went well thanks to changes in diet...nothing near to bonking at all in routines....Back getting strong ....going up 1-3 reps unassisted in back routines.

Looking at going more Paleo....took out one fruit and replaced it with sweet potatoes...worked awesome!! Used this as pre workout and worked fantastic...had plenty of energy for workouts and no peaks valleys in energy with this. Seems to have worked well for losing fat on gut too as lost more inches on waist. Will continue to go with ONE fruit serving a day and then using broccoli, salad/spinach, and sweet potato...and then either blueberries,raspberries or grapefruit. Upped AM fat to full serving coconut oil. Ate low cal on day off...saturday...only around 1700 calories and then did low AM fasted cardio of 300 calorie burn.

Started running out and not using....Glutamine and Lcarnitine. Nothing new ...sill using plasma jet on chest/back days. Using one scoop of Superpump pre workout on lifting days for a tiny kick. Still using OEP at 3 pills a day dose...used a 4th pill on 2 days to mix it up but thats pushing it.

Great week. Lost another 1 inch of waist. Not sure whats the reason...all workouts same...food same except sweet potatoes for a fruit. Used same dosing of OEP from previous week...so not sure if its that. Maybe the fruit swap?...or the only place I have fat left is stomach...so maybe will come off faster. Weight stayed about the same... waist now...down 1in!! Crazy good results…losing 1 in a week in waist. I'm starting to finally figure this out maybe.

Week 10

Different routine this week in last phase...going back and forth between different workouts week to week. Felt a bit tired on Sunday....maybe due to the 4hrs I was in the sun lying out....maybe sun zapped me a bit...still did good workout...but didn't jump much on numbers from previous time.

Will look at going more Paleo and see what happens...will lower carbs a bit...down to around 100 and up the fat to match calories...shouldn't be much...maybe from 45 grams previous weeks to 60 ish or so now. Might go lower on days I know i wont burn many calories...like wed with cardio x and friday with kenpo..... Going to use sweet potatoes again pre workout in place of a fruit...seems to be going well...made 6oz of turkey mince with 5 oz of sweet potatoes with some peppers/onions mixed in as preworkout....Got grill..so might start grilling chicken now instead. Putting coconut milk as fat in diet....mainly with shakes as per Paleo diet.....with half can reduced fat coconut milk...with blueberries and stevia for taste....tastes awesome!!!
Also started trying to go lower carb higher fat....starting wed/thursday. Swapped out oatmeal for turkey sweet potato and then went to beef burgers...will take fruit-raspberries- before workout on thursday and sweet potatoes after workout as ONLY carbs that day....felt great the whole day so far.

After listening to Paleo pod-casts...will use new supps....LCarn again back in....ZMA will come in pre bed. Going towards Recreate now instead of OEP for a change up but might add in one cap of OEP to see how i feel/respond...I don't feel any energy rush from ONLY Recreate. Dosing Recreate at 2x2 a day. Also moving towards one pill every 4hrs of LeanXtreme instead of 2x2 ...so 1x4 now to keep cortisol down all day long. Started taking Protandim on Tuesday....within 2 weeks according to reports....oxidative state should be equal to 20 yr old by Oct 26th (tuesday). Also started upping Fish Oil and started taking Vitamin D3 ( 2000IU a day on top of Orange Triad ).

Good results....lost more weight on scale and another .5 inch off waist down ....first time ever under 34 inches since high school. More veins coming thru arms. This is sick!!

Week 11

This is the last time Ill get to do these workouts this week...so going to try to smash it....back to original routine....meaning chest is ROUGH!! But I smashed it good to failure. Arms was easy...need to use heavy weights as bands aren't doing it for me anymore....doing up to 20 reps and still easy on some stuff. Rest of week should be easy after chest/back.....burned ton of calories this week...probably too many considering how low my cals went....check results to see mistakes.

Will go full Paleo since it worked so well last week at the end of the week. No more oatmeal or subway...no bread/wheat. Cutting back fruit as well to one serving a day and alternating the fruit between strawberries,raspberries,blueberries,blackberries and grapefruit. Grapefruit and Strawberries having least sugar/fructose. Eating really low carb on cardio days....around 50 or less grams...and between 50-100 on lifting days mainly around 75 with most coming post workout with yams/sweet potatoes. Eating more fat in form of olive oil and red meat fat like filet mignon and adding in dark chocolate treats with PB for desert. maybe cook up some beef burgers for breakfast for the week next week. No icet again this week...all water with 2 bottle of diet soda cheats....veggies are mainly salads and broccoli....more red meat as with filet and burgers made on grill. Seem to be easier to be low calorie on paleo since im eating so much meat....sometimes I have to have shake at nite PWO cuz I'm sick of eating so much food.....on a stricter calorie diet as my weight is dropping.....now down to 1750 goal ....figure my caloric needs for deficit are probably lower as well. Some days I eat more fat to get to my calories for day as I get sick of forcing in 6 oz of meat...mainly chicken...getting sick of that...the red meat is easy to eat!!

By weeks end I was dying for bread....wanted a Pizza so bad...but didn't cave in...did get gluten free bread to eat with dippy eggs to feel better....also had some popcorn and ice cream skinny cow no sugar added sundae's. Made me feel better but still kept cals under 1750...except for friday.......not a good plan for going so low on calories...wont do this again....read results for final thoughts on mistakes.

Nothing crazy or new....still on shakes........Lcarn pre workout.....Superpump pre workout on strength days with plasmajet...no lGlut since I'm just using Xtend....Protandim and Vitamin D going strong as per Paleo.....started upping my fish oil as per paleo to 3 table spoons of melrose premium fish oil per day...ran out of the Orange omega ...still mixing thermos with 4 recreate and 2 OEP per day.....on days i take superpump...i dont take a 2nd OEP ....seems to be a low - mod stim....might phase off OEP so I can ramp up to Animal Cuts next week.... don't plan on changing anything for the end...other then going off recreate and oep.

Tried Animal Cuts on friday and saturday ....to test reaction...had bad reaction on friday AM on empty stomach...if it continues ill stop and go back to OEP....thing i miss most about OEP is that feel good feeling...the euphoria....might go back on it in afternoon stacked with animal cuts in AM......on first dose...no buzz...so must really be acclimated to caffeine now...maybe adrenal fatigue?? After round 1 will use NO stims as I probably will need a break from them.


Worst week in terms of numbers and how I felt. Was hungry to starving by weeks end....so low calories. Dreamed of eating food and obsessed over schedule and weighing food to stay under 1750 cals. Lost .25 inch on waist....I'm hoping its not muscle since I cut cals so low. WONT EVER go this low again. Going to set calorie goal up 700 cals to 2400...combined with my workouts and burning upto 1000 cals...I'm way to far under....was net 300-900 cals for each day.....should have been at minimum 1400 cal net for day 1000 under 2400 maintain goal. Will eat more this week and see how that goes...worst case I add muscle...worse things could happen....plus ill still have 1.5 weeks after this till I'm all done and will be doing mainly cardio from here out.

Week 12 ( last week of strength workouts )

The higher calories worked awesome this week in terms of results. Absolutely crushed this last week of weights...went up a bunch on everything specially back. Wouldn't be surprised if I gained weight due to higher cals and higher reps. No issues working out....was hungry and ate up to around 2400 calories...will be last week of strength..and probably last week of calories this high. But awesome awesome week for strength!!


After last weeks debacle with calories especially net calories for week...I'm going to go up to around 2400 this week since its last week of strength....worse case I build muscle this week before last 1.5 weeks of just cardio and recovering.....will try to stick to net 1400 cals for each day which would be around 1000 under maintenance cals for my size. Im burning 1000 cals per workout per day. Will still eat Paleo meaning no bread ..only eating gluten free still. Sunday ate like madman since the results sucked from being lo cal. Was upto 1700 cals by the time I was to workout which was my whole day before. Feel pretty good so far on sunday. Went little overboard....ate popcorn and skinny cow sundae's all day. Will go low carb mon-thursday with carb up on thursday nite - friday. Cut diet esq and UD2.0 protocol. But will stay away from bread, gluten...probably just sweet potatoes and corn as carbs. Will goto more coconut oil as per UD2.0 saying MCT's in it are good source of fuel. Will see how it goes...considering getting rid of filet mignon since no calorie info...will goto 95% lean beef....chicken breasts....stuff with numbers....wont use olive oil on grill too....next week consider NO RED meat and only use chicken turkey for last 1.5 weeks of cardio and go super strict....lets see how 2400 cals works this week going into last week....specially at waist line....if im under then continue what I did this week. Did sat carb load day...probably last one....get all my cheats out today........sweet potato vege chips....and a gluten free whole pizza home made....ate over 200 grabs of carbs......on sunday which starts the next week...I look really bloated and puffy....probably from salt....looks at results .


Trying to stack Animal Cuts AM with OEP in PM....want to try Cuts since it rids water and is different kind of stim...but want the feel good feeling I get with OEP.....so will use both. Plus my first does of Cuts I felt flushed...so dunno if I trust it 2x a day. Plasma jet on lifting days still with Superpump on strength...with vit D and protandim plus heavy dose fish oil...also recommended on UD2.0. Ran out of Xtend by friday..will have to get more.


Well no surprise as I looked puffy and bloated on sunday after carb load day and the scale matched... down .25 again on stomach only depending where I measure....hard to tell on waist now since some points are really small and others at love-handles still some fat...but the sides of abs showing thru as well as a little 4 pack now...so not too worried. Plus I have 10 days left and no lifting left...so I'm sure ill get rid of extra water. Had heaps of salt on saturday with popcorn and dippy eggs. My weights were up tons this week...so not shocked at scale...plus my veins are snapping all week long...pump-in out of chest and biceps in workouts like crazy.....thanks to cutting and plasmajet. But this sunday I look horrible...no veins no nothing..and abs puffy...all water I'm sure as the salt was crazy like I said. Going into last 10 here is my plan.... I looked back on best weight loss week of 9 and saw net calories were around 1100. Calories were at 1800-2100 cals with 50% protein and 20's carbs/fat....mixed back and forth but mainly around 25/25%...ill carb cycle this week going 100, 75, 50...then back up 75, 100....and rest coming from fat up-to cals. Ill eat super clean...cut out salt and fake sweeteners and carbs will be grapefruit, blueberries and sweet potatoes ONLY. Fat will be olive oil, pb, almonds and coconut. Will also go back to OEP 2x a day.

Week 13 ( last week and recovery week)


Recovery week...so mainly a cardio week Can go lower on carbs this week as not doing strength.

Decided to use some of the P90x Plus workouts this week as I'm getting tired of the other ones repeating. Here is what it looks like.

Sun: CardioX

Mon: Core Syn

Tue: Kenpo Cardio X +

Wed: Interval X +

Thu: Core Syn

Fri: Kenpo Cardio X +

Sat:Interval X +

All workouts went well....as long as I had adequate calories which this week was fine....was about NET 1100 each day avg.

Did a little fat before work out as PB or Coconut Water or Milk.

Made sure I ate all carbs PRE WORKOUT...none post.

Loved the new workouts....was getting really tired of OLD DVDS!!

Went back to week 9 to see what I did....that was my first paleo week going with sweet potato every day plus one fruit of blue berries or grapefruit. So will do that this week. Will go lower calories since Im not doing weights...will use the 1800-2100 range with 50% at least coming from protein. Will go white meat protein this week as its easier to keep calories lower...so fish, chicken and turkey. Will have to get and cook up a turkey breast for meals. Will carb cycle too since I'm not really needing many carbs this week since no weights...so might do...100, 75, 50 and then back up. Will try to keep as clean as possible. NO CHEATS thru till the end...only 10 days left. Will get fat from almonds, pb, coconut and olive oil. Will still go gluten free paleo. Remember this week is all about burning fat and losing weight...no more building muscle...just spare muscle now!!
Also...week 9 I did all carbs PRE WORKOUT....after works outs was mainly protein and some fat...will do that as well.

Went well this week in terms of calories....some days hard to eat all that protein. Should look into Shakeology if I do a round 2 as many people online getting great results with it and it looks tasty. Just impossible to get overseas right now. Much easier to consume fat for calories then protein....weened myself off artificial sweeteners this week....thru in some paleo style coffee...dbl espresso over ice with coconut milk ...delish!! Had all carbs pre workouts...none post except saturday I had popcorn at nite.... the rotisserie chicken spicy coconut milk curry was the BOMB!! Ate it a few times this week and loved it....works much better with rotisserie chicken then grilled chicken...more moist. Tried some coconut butter this week too...pretty good...no strong coconut taste and a tiny bit sweet...would be good for ice cream or baking as substitute or maybe frying as its less coco-nutty. Did low carbs most of the week....between 40-75 grams which one day at 100....hard to get that high unless eating lots of sweet potato...able to find tiny ones to eat.


Didn't seem to get much from Animal Cuts...so will go back to 2x dose of OEP. Still on Lcarn. Got Xtend by mid week...lemonade...using that upon waking to hold me over till work till I eat. Sipping some thru weekend days between meals.

Fat burners stay same all week...feel good on them NO JITTERS at all...OEP still giving me that feel good urophia.


During week.... ABS coming thru more....can now see 4 pack coming thru and little fat on navel easier to see....veins coming thru legs, chest, shoulders and bi's more and more. Haven't measured waist all week...didn't want to get bummed out if I didn't lose anything...will save that for sun or monday maybe....might wait till photo nite just to keep me from starving myself if my waist is the same....Well I decided to take measurements anyways on what I consider day 89....

needless to say I'm pretty shocked....me going back up in calories has been a great success...I lost a whole 1 in off my waist after weeks of only losing less then .5 inches. I maintained around 1100-1200 net calories each day this week. I was lower on saturday at around 800 net . Pretty low to moderate carbs this week too....50-100 all pre workout. Energy good....so this seems to be my magic formula for weight loss.

PRE PHOTO workouts

Sun: Ab + and Total Body X + ( Ab + was pretty good...more core then just abs....Body X was not so good..more cardio as your jumping from exercise to exercise but not going to failure on any of them.....really generic workout )

Mon: Interval X +

Tue: Core Syn PM take full dose...just did full core workout at 90% capacity...didn't want to over exert and burn out

Wed: pre workout take full dose Plasma ....Upper Body + ....slow pace..... ( use this workout for PUMP ONLY )


Will carb cycle last few days into the extreme...on sunday did low ish carbs...monday super low at one grapefruit and rest fat/protein...under 50....on tuesday ...day before shoot...carb up....did 200+ carbs...grapefruit, blueberries and sweet potatoes...nothing crazy just more carbs and less fat...will do same tomorrow...

plan on doing sweet potato plus plain chicken...no salt!!

very little water all day...will snack on almonds/blueberries on way home after work....will come home walk Sherman...and then have wine plus honey right before workout to get pump and fill up muscles....


Nothing crazy here....same old OEP 2x2 and cut back on LeanXtreme since I'm running out...doing it only 2x a day...morning and nite.



215lbs to 172lbs

30% body fat to 12% body fat

LOST 43lbs and 28% body fat in 90 DAYS !!!